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Necessary Shout Outs

With the VARA Gala behind me, I want to give a heartfelt “thank you” to a few people that made that Saturday night really special.

I will never take for granted what alpine ski racing did to enrich my life. With the passing of time, like many of my peers, we work, have families and a very different routine.  Life is full of new challenges, and it is with no hesitation that I am immersed in rather normal mundane daily habits.  While I miss the Alpen sunrise at early morning training (the view is like no other!!), I am afflicted with a syndrome that constantly finds me making lemonade.  Whether it is my business, my 6 year old, my wanting golf game or training the dog, I make it fun and worthwhile.  I am not special or unique, but I am good with lemons.

This is not a negative comment.  Actually, making lemonade is at the heart and soul of ski racing and life in general.  I am quite proud of this ability.

I was touched by the kind words from Tiger Shaw, Finn Gundersen, Chuck Hughes, Tao Smith and Julie Woodworth.  Thanks for the really nice evening and for your relentless and passionate support of ski racing. So here’s to making some great lemonade and navigating the changes in our wonderful sport! Let’s have a great year, be good parents and send Tiger some chocolate chip cookies for sustenance.


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Burke Mountain Academy Reflections 2014

My apologies. It has been a while since posting. I was recently asked by Jodi Flanagan at BMA to send over some thoughts for the News and Views spring issue.  It has been 28 years since graduating from Burke in 1986. (holy cow!) I have recently been able to  spend some time back in our wonderful sport as a coach, and this past winter found me at the Olympics again for a different reason. Here are some reflections on the Sochi trip as well as a few reminders of that wonderful time in my life when I was a Burke Mountain Academy student.

Burke Mountain Academy Alumni Profiles

Diann Roffe Reflections 2014

Sochi Mascots

Sochi Alpine Skiing Venue

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